All appliances which contain transformer or electromotor coils, and are connected to the electric mains, emanate highly penetrable electromagnetic fields. They are as follows:

• in our homes: Television sets, video recorders, DVD and CD players, HI-FI appliances, mobile and cordless telephones, halogen lamps and washing machines
• in our offices: Computers, fax machines, photocopiers, mobile and cordless telephones
• in our streets: Transformer stations, power-transmission lines and radars
• Hospital equipment

My experience of many years convinced me that this radiation caused the great increase in breast and brain cancer, leukemia, non-fertility among women, ovary and cervix diseases, myoma etc., which we have been witnessing for the past 30 years.

Besides, this radiation causes a number of disorders, manifested as morning tiredness and overall fragility, shallow and restless sleep, sleep-talking, groaning, teeth-grinding, spasms, dead limbs, feeling of coldness in the legs, tremor, leg spasms, pain in the lower back, crown of the head or forehead, forgetfulness, moles on the back, weakening of immunity, sweating while sleeping, sleeplessness, irregular heartbeats, chronic tiredness and apathy, inexplicable allergies, myoma, polyp, painful periods, dizziness, sensation of sound in the ears, loss of concentration, nervous tension, decrease in male potency, proneness to respiratory infections, need of stronger sight correction among children, snoring, eczema etc.

The purpose of this web-site is to inform people that they should PULL PLUGS OUT OF SOCKETS BEFORE RETIRING TO BED to protect themselves from this radiation, and to inform the affected people that they should change their bedroom, or at least move their beds. Ideally, no electric appliances should be kept in bedrooms.

Another way of protecting is installing the absorber, about which you can learn from this web-site.

We kindly ask you to share the information you learn from this site, so that as many people as possible be warned about the harmful effect of the appliances that surround us.

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